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7 Feb



Where do I go from here?

These past year has been filled with losses and gains.

Filled with pain and joy.

Filled with challenges and accomplishments.

Filled with its downs and ups.

A new year beckons.

New friendships

New classes

New goals

A year soon passes.

Past friends remain

Past lessons still teach

Past goals are renewed


Doors open.

Paths to find

Friends to make

Doors to enter through

Doors close.

Paths no longer open

Friends fade away

Doors that are locked

Doors remain open

Paths to remain on

Friends to grow closer to

Doors that grow larger


Doors unable to pick

Paths that were never good

Friends that were never meant to be

Doors that have resisted attempts of breaking down

Where to next?

What will the new year bring?

New friends?

New jobs?

New love?

Time will tell

If the past is any indicator

You will be with me no matter what

Even when I fall

You will be there to pick me up forevermore

I am excited for the future

Here lies the adventure

Facing the unknown with eagerness

Ready to be surprised.


Time 11-21-12

27 Dec



Time will heal

Time will change

Time will satisfy

Time will renew


Time will heal

Heal the past

Heal the punctures

Heal the pain

Heal me


Time will change

Change the friends

Change the location

Change the opportunities

Change me


Time will satisfy

Satisfy the desires

Satisfy the longing

Satisfy them all

Satisfy me


Time will renew

Renew relationships

Renew reality

Renew roaming

Renew me 


16 Dec





I am a drifter

I move from group to group

Not one alone claims me

Not one confines me


I am a drifter

I play the second fiddle

Not one alone is my friend

Not one alone holds me highest


I am a drifter

I move along a path

Never staying too long

Never rooting very deep


I am a drifter

I play among many

Never the sole best friend

Never the front burner


Some days I dislike it

Other days I appreciate it

Drifter always to be

Drifter is how I live


Yet I put down roots

Yet I have people

I just drift between homes

I just drift between parties


Drifting prevents intimacy

Drifting provides freedom

Intimacy to be the inside problem

Freedom to be an outside advisor



Floating across the sea

A drifter I will always be

You are good 10-26-12

26 Nov

You are good


I have sinned against my Lord

Stumbled once again I’m sure

Here I am 

Here I am 

Humbled by your faithful cure


I am new

I am new

This is not my life no more


Instead I shout

Instead I shout

This is not my cursed route


No matter what I do

No matter what I say

You are good

You are good 

And your love remains for me


Not relying on my flesh

Not trying by myself

You are good 

You are good

And your death has set me free


I have repented to you Lord

Sin no longer keeps me bound

I will change 

I will change 

You have turned my life around


I am free

I am free

Sin no longer holds me back


Instead I yell

Instead I yell

I am not goin’ to hell


No matter what I do

No matter what I say

You are good

You are good 

And your love remains for me


Not relying on my flesh

Not trying by myself

You are good 

You are good

And your death has set me free


Intersections 10-22-12

26 Nov

The path of life

Filled with long stretches

Sometimes bring strife

Going over rough patches


Life’s road

Filled with waiting

Young yet feeling old

Quenching but never fully sating 


Intersections hold the key

That determines our destiny

Intersections provide the chance

To look upon life with a new glance

Intersections forcing a pause

Reevaluating our life’s cause


Intersections are my favorite limbo

Like the pause before shooting an arrow

Stretching our lines thin

Building up for the next burst

Then we shoot forward again

With hunger and new thirst


I know not what life will bring

I know that life will bring many things

Things that make my heart do sing

Things unknown and unseen




My life is Yours to take and mold

I put all my priorities on hold

Giving all to You as told

Doing that which is bold


An intersection lies before me

Filled with uncertainty 

Grant me peace 

If not prosperity


An intersection soon to come

I need direction and a guide

Directing me as I am dumb

So I give you the chance to decide 


The path lies before me 

Which way shall I go

Different outcomes do I see

Neither one a definite no



I see the path the lies beneath

On this road I am bequeath

Weak and Strong 10-17-12

26 Nov

Weak and Strong 


I am broken

I have failed.

The future laughs at me

The past mocks me

The present taunts me.

My defenses are destroyed

My stronghold is overrun


I am broken

I’m a failure

I am nothing

I’m a loser


I give it all away

I give it all away


You surround me.

You protect me.

You control my future

You forgive my past

You strengthen me in the present

You reclaim my stronghold

You shore up my defenses


You are whole

You’re the successor

You are everything

You’re the victor


You take it all away

You take it all away


For when I am weak

You are strong

I must be weak

For Your strength to shine bright in me.

Your grace is sufficient for me.

I become weak

So that You are strong


I give it all to the one who sets me free

I give it all to the one who restores me

I’m a failure.

Your my success.


The day goes on.

The week remains.

I will fail,

But I have hope that You will succeed


Eternally Pure 10-15-12

26 Nov

 Eternally pure 


Sin finds a way

Temptation creeps in

Adjustment brings temporary solace

But routine amplifies the siren’s singing


Temptation abounds

Protection is vital

By humbling myself

I gain armor of stature


Even when I fall

I stand once more

Battles fought till the end

Though victor am I

Dirty, filthy, excrement

Sin’s repulsion defined

Yet I am seen as clean

Wash white as snow


Even when I am dirty

Even when I am clean

You view me through the blood of the Lamb

So eternal pure am I in Your sight.