Next Step Unclear

29 Mar

Next Step Unclear


6-20-15 Bali, Indonesia 




So we like each other.

That much is obvious.

The next step remains unclear.

Two months till we see each other again.

Summer apart before college starts.


Two months is both long and short.

Long compared to the week we spent together.

Short when a potential year together seems likely.

Two months to step back and take things slowly.


Romance seemed out of reach for a season.

My senior year remains and my whole life after that.

Only You know where my life will lead.

A blank check in Your Hands.


Logic tells me it won’t work.

Too far apart by age, perspective, and more.

A freshman and a senior.

One starting a chapter, the other coming to the end of one.


Multiple paths lie before us.

Some good, some bad.

Whether we end up friends or something more.

Preparing for disappointment, but hoping for a pleasant surprise.


History speaks wisdom.

Cautioning restraint.

Allowing leeway.

History gives some guidance.


Cold calculation says we went too fast.

Emotions muddling clear thinking.

Emotions obscuring how little we know each other.

Cold calculation says we won’t last.


Momentary passions begging for a chance.

A chance to be friends.

A chance to be something more.

Momentary passions hoping for a happy ending.


Calm wisdom waiting for time.

Time to gain perspective.

Time to let flames of infatuation cool down

Calm wisdom willing to take a chance.



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