27 Mar





There is something in the things we like

Something that connects us

Whether it be a favorite character from a beloved book

or a certain quality in in a close friend

Something that touches us

Something that compels us to like them



Whether it be a romance that we role played

A character that we saw ourselves in

Worlds that caught our imaginations

A person we watched it with

Family tradition creating history

A scene that made us watch it over again

Songs that we had to sing along to

A group of friends that made it more enjoyable

Parts that made us ache laughing

A touch that made us say, “I love that movie”



Whether it be a world that came alive on the pages

An author that continued to excite

A series that kept getting better

Characters that made us mad

Scenes that made us cry

Magic that made us fantasize

Battles that made us take up our sticks to fight

A friend who enjoyed the book with us

A community to freak out with

A favorite place to read

Using the book to fuel our imagination

A touch that made us say” I love reading”



Whether it be a song that capture a moment; a snapshot of a year

A band that always ends up being our favorite

An album that remains us of a time

A soundtrack that recalls a movie

A song writer that inspires

Lyrics that make us think

Beats that make us dance

A song we know the words to by heart

A song that we kept coming back to

A touch that made us say “I love this song”



Whether it be a person we showed affection to

A person we learned to respect

A person who was there through it all

A person who made us laugh

A person who stayed up late when we needed a friend

A person who was willing to cry with us

A person who understood when we needed space

A person who was wise when we didn’t know what to do

A person who knew how to help us when we didn’t know how to teach ourselves

A person who was willing to rebuke us when we were wrong

A person who guided us through trials

A person who gave grace when we deserved none

A touch that made us say “You are a true friend”



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