Thoughts from Jordan

27 Mar

Thoughts from Jordan


1-7-15 Jordan




Serving refugees with other volunteers

People met recently now working side by side

Sharing His Love among those displaced




Plans not set in stone

Going with the flow

Following where led


1-8-15 Jordan





One day visiting with families

The next cleaning up ice and water off a roof


One day not too cold and dry

The next it snows and everything is wet


Expecting bags to arrive soon

Bags now key


My personality allows me to be flexible

I don’t always go with the flow

But that is my default

Thank You for teaching me the value of flexibility


1-11-15 Jordan


Blank Check


My dreams        Your dream

My plans          Your plans

My wishes         Your wishes


I worry       You assure

I stress      You calm

I sin            You forgive


I am yours

my life is Yours


The future is in Your hands


Decisions will come

Choices I will have to make


Lead me in how I live

Lead me to where I should go


Distractions abound

Material possessions





Help me focus on You


1-11-15 Jordan


Blank Check


What is my purpose?

What is my goal?


What is my motivation?

What drives me to live?


Do I live just to please myself?

Do I fill my life with entertainment?


Do I live for something greater?

Do I live to serve others?


Do I live for someone else?

Do I live to love God?


My desire is to serve You

My desire is to love You


My desire is to follow Your lead

My desire is to be used by You


My desire is to obey You

My desire is to grow closer to You

My desire is to make myself less

My desire is to exalt You


Will my desires turn into actions?

Will I truly give you my life as a blank check?


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