Reflections on romance

27 Mar

Reflections on romance


6-1-15 1:15 am Manila, Philippines 


Romance is in my mind

Romance is in the books I read

Romance can be seen around me

Yet romance is not something I have personally


As I seek romance

I turn to lust to fulfill my desires

I turn to false images to satisfy my cravings


Please satisfy me

For only You can satisfy

Not an image

Not a feeling

Not a person


A summer that holds little potential for romance

Instead a summer full of opportunity for teaching

For encouraging those younger then me

For learning from others both young and old


Next year will be my final year of college

So much to do and so much to decide

For now, I have a summer full of travel


I could be jealous of my friends back in the US

I could be jealous of them hanging out together

I could be jealous of them working all summer


Or I could remember where I am

I could remember the countries I get to go to

The things I get to do

And be grateful for what You have blessed me with


The same can be applied to romance

I could be jealous of others in relationships

Jealous of those getting married

Jealous of those who are dating

Jealous of those who date for longer than a few months



Or I could appreciate the lessons I have learned

I could appreciate the time of singleness I have before me

I could appreciate the chance to grow and change without care for another

Yet I still feel drawn back to desires

Desires for a companion

For someone who is my helper and my friend

Someone who matches me in intelligence and adventure

Someone who shares my love for books and sports

Someone who drives me closer to Christ

Someone who understands my worries

Someone who relates to my concerns

Someone who can be there through the struggles

Someone who I can truly love


I am growing

I can see the difference just a year and a half has made

At the same time I still have much to learn


In the last year and a half I learned about the need for restraint

About the full dangers of lust

About the control I have in Christ

About the importance of the Church and my local church

And about so much more




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