27 Mar

8-5-14 (Written over a year and a half ago)


I know a boy

He and I don’t always get along

But he is my friend

How can that be?

Because underneath the fighting

I realize he has his motives and I have mine

We both are trying to live this life the best way we know how

I am learning to understand that while we don’t always see eye to eye

We can still be friends


I know a girl

She and I liked each other for a time

She is still my friend

But I keep my distance


Because I equated mutual affection necessitating dating

So date we did

Looking back our relationship was not the best

Based on moments of passion rather than founded on solid principles of trust and love

It became a kissing show

Wanting to please individual desires

Rather than sacrificing for other’s needs

I broke it off after distance separated us

Yet I am glad for the distance in the end

It made me see the broken parts of our relationship

We kept talking about the future, when we would both be together

A future where out failures were fixed and distance gone

A future that was to never be

I never loved her, but she might have loved me

Yet I never truly lost my infatuation for her

So I keep my distance

Scared that if we grow close again

I’ll go back to her just to enjoy affection once more

Forsaking love in the process


I know a man

He is my friend

My heart goes out to him

As his heart has been broken twice while we been friend

First came at the end of a chapter in his life

Just as he was about to move on in life

His lover broke his heart and exposed all of his insecurities

It took a lot of time for him to recover and get ready to move on with his life once more

And as life often goes, he found someone to love again

Yet as he was fixing up his act

And staying clean

One mess up happened

One moment of failure

It cost him a lover, it cost him a friend

She was hard on him

Exposing his insecurities once again

In its wake, he was again devastated

Now my heart aches for his

I hope that his story picks up

I wish I could some how spare him more pain

But alas I cannot

Perhaps I can find a way to encourage him

A small blessing can lift up even those in the darkest of times

His life goes on and I hope I can say I helped him when he needed it the most.


I know a woman

I liked her for a time

She never liked me that way

But we both cared for each other in our own ways

She rejected my affections, but accepted my friendship

For that I will be forever grateful

She was one of my closest friends

We had few connections

But I was glad for even those

As I grew accustomed to my new surroundings, she helped me with the transition

When her boyfriend was a jerk, I was there as someone who simply cared

When I was being a fool in “love”, she was there to knock some sense into my head

Good friends we were

But then something came between us

Perhaps started by something she was going through

Not helped by my immature affections and untimely advances

We drifted apart, talking occasionally

We reconciled though, initiated by her

We acknowledged our mistakes and tried to move on

But we are still apart

Now she is engaged to be married

I am happy for her, truly I am

Her fiancé seems to be an honorable man and fit for her

But I would enjoy talking again, just one more time

Yet would it be the same?

Time has passed and we have both changed

We may never meet again

But if we do, we will still call each other friend?

All these people have impacted my life in one way or another

They have touched upon my journey as I have touched upon theirs

Do I spare enough thought on how I am impacting

or do I just blindly crash upon their path?


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