Love, wanted?

27 Mar

Love, wanted?




Do I really want love?

A love that is sacrificial

A love that is selfless

A love that strives for perfection

A love that hurts


Or do I want something less?

Simple kisses to sexual intercourse, both physical manifestations of lust

A selfish desire for the cure of life

A cure for loneliness, a way for fulfillment, a sense of belonging


Much of romance simply exists as a code of conduct in certain culture

The social constructs such as roses for the female or a kiss goodnight for the man

All a dance between two individuals bound by society


Is our current culture getting it wrong?

Is there more than just first dates

More than just casual sex

More than just making out

More than just using another person as an means to an end


Two beings selflessly pursuing one other

Two beings putting the other before themselves

Two beings complementing each other

Two beings becoming one


Ideas good on paper, but seem incongruous with reality

When push comes to shove, too often kissing prevails over selfless restraint

The desire for intimacy, however shallow, blinds one from self control


But is it worth it?

The few moments of satisfied lust compared with the lasting pain?

Nights spent asking why it didn’t work

Why relationships seem to burn intensely, but oh so quickly?


We want quick fixes, rather than long journeys

Short term solutions to long term problems

Making out for a few days, rather than waiting for the life long commitment

Then lamenting over the loneliness of being single


All of this a small problem in the journey called life



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