Always connected, rarely Questioning

27 Mar

Always connected, rarely Questioning


1-14-15 Jordan


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email

Wifi, 4G, Google Fiber

We live in a culture of connectivity

Constantly on our interconnected devices


Yet does our connectivity come with some sacrifice?

Do we exchange intimacy for shallow relationships?

Facebook shows a cultivated image

Highlights of the best while skipping all of the worst


Am I too quick to connect?

Should I sit and enjoy the calm?

Does Facebook increase loneliness?

Do I go to Facebook when I am lonely?


The Internet is a grand invention

All of humanity’s knowledge in one place

Used to connect, share, and entertain

Used for evils as well


How do we balance the good and the bad?

How do we progress without forgetting the past?

Perhaps we should learn from others

Perhaps the solution is having tea with a neighbor


As long as a few remain to stop and question

Perhaps we can learn how to be intimate while being interconnected



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