31 May





 (About V. Written sometime spring 2011)


Two beings in youthful abundance.

Lively, playful, and free

Spirits intertwined on a path

Yet separated by a period.


Two beings with youthful abundance

Joyful, naive, and surging

Still meeting on a path

Yet sporadic in occurrences.


Two beings who contain youthful abundance

Hopeful, struggling, and seeking

About to meet in an instance on a path

Yet arrivals distanced by time.


Two beings burst by youthful abundance

Broken, hurt, and lonely

Met in a moment

Yet lost, pushing two souls away.


Two beings tired because of youthful abundance

Searching, trusting, and hopeful

Different in paths

Yet captured by the same spirit.


Two beings reconciled on towards youthful abundance

Changed, scarred, and shaped

Parallel paths

Yet in different directions.



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