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31 May





 (About V. Written sometime spring 2011)


Two beings in youthful abundance.

Lively, playful, and free

Spirits intertwined on a path

Yet separated by a period.


Two beings with youthful abundance

Joyful, naive, and surging

Still meeting on a path

Yet sporadic in occurrences.


Two beings who contain youthful abundance

Hopeful, struggling, and seeking

About to meet in an instance on a path

Yet arrivals distanced by time.


Two beings burst by youthful abundance

Broken, hurt, and lonely

Met in a moment

Yet lost, pushing two souls away.


Two beings tired because of youthful abundance

Searching, trusting, and hopeful

Different in paths

Yet captured by the same spirit.


Two beings reconciled on towards youthful abundance

Changed, scarred, and shaped

Parallel paths

Yet in different directions.




20 May





Numb once again

Yet different than before

Numb not from pain

Numb instead from peace


I feel detached 

Breaking up from afar 

Life goes on as normal

Spending time with friends during fall break


Last time I was broken 

Last time I was caught unaware

This time I am hurt but not devastated

This time I feel ready


Last time I still saw her

This time she is far away

Last time we kept coming back

This time distance splits us apart


I give all over to You.


I am scared (updated)

20 May



I am scared.

Scared of growing close only to be separated by distance.

Scared of breaking rules I know little about

Scared of the unknown and unexplored


I am scared

Scared of diving in fast

Scared of being too open

Scared of losing control 


I am scared

Scared of making tough decisions

Scared of losing what was only just found

Scared of the next chapter in life



I am scared

Scared of making the same mistakes

Scared of the past repeating itself once again

Scared of experiencing the same pain


I am scared

Scared of growing up

Scared of learning through suffering

Scared of life moving on


I am scared

Scared of falling

Scared of stumbling

Scared of failure


I am scared

Scared not that You will leave

Scared not that You will forsake me

Scared not that You will fail


I give over my fears to You

Teach me

Break me

Guide me.

Use me. 


Stop, Wait, Pray

20 May

Stop. Wait. Pray.

Wait. Pray. Stop.

Pray. Stop. Wait.


Stop. Wait. Pray.

Wait. Pray. Stop

Pray. Stop. Wait


Stop. Wait. Pray.

Wait. Pray. Stop.

Pray. Stop. Wait. 


Just Stop. Wait. Pray.

Just Wait. Pray. Stop.

Just Pray. Stop. Wait


Stop. Pray. Wait. 

Pray. Wait. Stop.

Wait. Stop. Pray.


Time will tell.

Time will pass.

Time will change.


You will lead. 

You will serve. 

You will remain. 



16 May




   The past is behind me. 

   The cross bore my sins.

   The future now filled with hope.



    Bought at a great price.

    God’s perfect son sent to die.

    Perfection taking on imperfection, paving a way to the Father



    No good thing within me apart from God

    Righteous not by my own failed attempts

    Right before God through His actions, not mine



    Daily taking up my cross

    Dying to self and living in Christ

    Becoming more Christ like through the journey of life



    Set apart by God

    Ordained for a purpose

    An instrument for God to use in His Plan



    Not sinless but blameless

    Not perfect but willing 

    Not depraved but honest