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Sin and Love

3 Dec

Sin and Love 


I am a fallen man

A sinner like the rest of my kind

No excuse for my actions

Nor a problem solely my own


I tried to flee

I tried to resist

Once I got back

My mind was made up


I fell to sin

I did what pleased me

I pursued sin as means to find pleasure

I and I alone sinned


I and I alone do not bear responsibility for my sins

Jesus pay the atoning price with His blood

He who was without sin, took on my sin so that God’s wrath would be satisfied

I can now stand back up on solid ground. 


I fight and fall

I win and lose

I desire to stand firm

I struggle to resist temptation 


I gain victories little by little

To be a strong fighter, first I have to learn to fight

For now, the struggle is present and hard

Through it all, God tells me He loves me 


“I loved you while you were still a sinner”

“I love you even though you are inadequate”

“I will love you regardless of your actions”

“I love you”


When I fall to sin, God loves me

When I feel weak, God loves me

When I fail once again, God loves me

When I am humbled, God loves me


When I fall less, God loves me

When I feel strong, God loves me

When I fail a little less, God loves me

When I am confidant, God loves me

I put God off, He loves me

I forget to spend time with Him, He loves me

I am distant to God, He loves me

I feel fifthly and ashamed, He loves me


I focus on God, He loves me

I set aside time for Him, He loves me

I am close to God, He loves me

I feel pure and redeemed, He loves me 


While I was still a sinner, God sent His son for my sins

He did it because He loves me

I sin time and time again, Jesus bears the weight every time

He does it because of love


Love covers over a multitude of offenses 

Love is the message of the Gospel

Love conquers all

Love is God


So I fell again

Yet now I get up 

For I am redeemed by the blood of Christ

Pure in the sight of God


I will fall again

Yet still I fight

I fight because I love God

I fight because God loves me