The Limbo

8 Mar

The limbo


Each day passes

The old is gone, 

The new to come

I feel stuck in the in between


The limbo

Just waiting 



I keep thinking I’ve emerged from this limbo

Only to be brought back into it.

My wants and my desires

Put on hold 

Temporarily satisfied 

Never permanent 


Don’t get me wrong,

I am content 

Here in the Limbo


The limbo 

Just waiting 



I am here at the intersection

It is said “Life begins at the intersection”

Well, it feels sometimes like I am waiting for life to begin

Loneliness comes way to quickly

Don’t get me wrong

Discontentment is not the reason for this song


It is well with my soul

I am just expressing my feeling 

Of frustration

Of weariness

Of being stuck here


The limbo 

Just waiting 




2 Responses to “The Limbo”

  1. Stephen Black March 12, 2013 at 3:02 am #

    “So you were born
    And that was a good day.
    One day you’ll die
    And that is a shame.
    But somewhere in the between
    Is a life of which we all dream
    And nothing and no one will ever take that away.”

    In the Between by Streetlight Manifesto

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