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7 Feb



Where do I go from here?

These past year has been filled with losses and gains.

Filled with pain and joy.

Filled with challenges and accomplishments.

Filled with its downs and ups.

A new year beckons.

New friendships

New classes

New goals

A year soon passes.

Past friends remain

Past lessons still teach

Past goals are renewed


Doors open.

Paths to find

Friends to make

Doors to enter through

Doors close.

Paths no longer open

Friends fade away

Doors that are locked

Doors remain open

Paths to remain on

Friends to grow closer to

Doors that grow larger


Doors unable to pick

Paths that were never good

Friends that were never meant to be

Doors that have resisted attempts of breaking down

Where to next?

What will the new year bring?

New friends?

New jobs?

New love?

Time will tell

If the past is any indicator

You will be with me no matter what

Even when I fall

You will be there to pick me up forevermore

I am excited for the future

Here lies the adventure

Facing the unknown with eagerness

Ready to be surprised.