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Time 11-21-12

27 Dec



Time will heal

Time will change

Time will satisfy

Time will renew


Time will heal

Heal the past

Heal the punctures

Heal the pain

Heal me


Time will change

Change the friends

Change the location

Change the opportunities

Change me


Time will satisfy

Satisfy the desires

Satisfy the longing

Satisfy them all

Satisfy me


Time will renew

Renew relationships

Renew reality

Renew roaming

Renew me 



16 Dec





I am a drifter

I move from group to group

Not one alone claims me

Not one confines me


I am a drifter

I play the second fiddle

Not one alone is my friend

Not one alone holds me highest


I am a drifter

I move along a path

Never staying too long

Never rooting very deep


I am a drifter

I play among many

Never the sole best friend

Never the front burner


Some days I dislike it

Other days I appreciate it

Drifter always to be

Drifter is how I live


Yet I put down roots

Yet I have people

I just drift between homes

I just drift between parties


Drifting prevents intimacy

Drifting provides freedom

Intimacy to be the inside problem

Freedom to be an outside advisor



Floating across the sea

A drifter I will always be