Intersections 10-22-12

26 Nov

The path of life

Filled with long stretches

Sometimes bring strife

Going over rough patches


Life’s road

Filled with waiting

Young yet feeling old

Quenching but never fully sating 


Intersections hold the key

That determines our destiny

Intersections provide the chance

To look upon life with a new glance

Intersections forcing a pause

Reevaluating our life’s cause


Intersections are my favorite limbo

Like the pause before shooting an arrow

Stretching our lines thin

Building up for the next burst

Then we shoot forward again

With hunger and new thirst


I know not what life will bring

I know that life will bring many things

Things that make my heart do sing

Things unknown and unseen




My life is Yours to take and mold

I put all my priorities on hold

Giving all to You as told

Doing that which is bold


An intersection lies before me

Filled with uncertainty 

Grant me peace 

If not prosperity


An intersection soon to come

I need direction and a guide

Directing me as I am dumb

So I give you the chance to decide 


The path lies before me 

Which way shall I go

Different outcomes do I see

Neither one a definite no



I see the path the lies beneath

On this road I am bequeath


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